Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

Using creative ways to promote your small business is important, and it’s possible to find many ways to market your small business when you have a small budget.

Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

#1: Create an Interesting Company Blog

A blog can help you connect with customers and attract new ones. For example, you can start a blog on your website that offers valuable tips and advice on your customers’ biggest challenges.

The more interesting your blog, the better. So instead of writing about day-to-day business topics, find ways to get into the minds of your readers and tell them how they can fix issues that they may have daily.

#2: Consider Using Surveys and Social Media

By requesting feedback from your customers, they will feel like their opinion matters to you, which can ultimately lead to improvements in your business. In addition to using social media, you can also host events and classes to educate potential customers about your industry. Hosting a “how-to” class can help you attract new customers, and it will also provide an opportunity to advertise.

#3: Offer Free Trials

Creating a free trial can increase the number of potential customers. A free trial is a great way to get your name and business on people’s radars. Besides, it will help you get a chance to reach a wide range of potential customers.

And don’t forget to offer discounts or incentives to your current customers to keep them from feeling left out. It’s always best to find ways to reward and incentivize your current customers while catering to prospective ones.

#4: Join Forces with Other Companies

You can also pair up with local businesses to create a special deal for local customers. You can offer complementary services or products to potential clients if they’re already a customer with the other business.

It’s pretty easy to find non-competing businesses that may be a good fit, and it’s a good way to expand your reach. By collaborating with other businesses, you’ll be able to save money on promotional costs and gain valuable referrals.

#5: Join Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social networking site where local customers can recommend local businesses. Nearly 67% of members in Nextdoor share recommendations with their friends and neighbors. You can join this online community to collect recommendations and engage with your customers too.

#6: Participate in Local Events

Local events are another cheap way to market your small business. You can donate to local charities and sponsor events in your area. Giving away prizes branded with your company’s name and logo is a great way to increase your brand awareness.

In addition to using local media, you can participate in local community activities. Some events in your community are free to attend, and these opportunities will help you find the right places to advertise your small business.

Final Thoughts

Using creative ways to promote your small business is important, and it’s possible to find many ways to market your small business when you have little money. You can even try guerrilla marketing and other unconventional methods of promotion to get your brand noticed. These ideas may be a little more difficult to implement, but they are effective and can help you grow your company. 

Alice Brenner
Alice Brenner