The Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Blog Posts

This article looks at some of the best social media platforms for promoting your blog content.

The Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Blog Posts

Clearly, having a company website and producing blog content is a valuable start to your digital marketing strategy. However, users must be able to find your latest post; search engine optimization plays a big part in that, and so does sharing your content on social media platforms. Therefore, this article looks at some of the best social media sites to share your content.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn feels like an obvious choice when it comes to content marketing, especially when your content is geared towards a business audience. There are several things you can do to promote your brand on LinkedIn. Hopefully, you already have a company page and a solid personal profile page.

This is important because users like to know information on brands and their people. Regarding your blog content, the best thing to do is publish an extract of your piece on LinkedIn with a link to read the full article. You may also be able to post the link in various groups, but make sure it’s relevant and that posting links is allowed. Remember that the more active you are on LinkedIn, the more successful you will be when promoting your latest content.

2. X (formally known as Twitter)

X is one of the best social media sites for promoting blog content. Remember, this site is all about conversations, so repeatedly posting links without context may not get you very far. One strategy that can work well is to pull out information from your blog post that can be posted as a X update that links back to your content.

It’s worth remembering that visual social media updates tend to perform better than non-visual ones. Therefore, you may need to put some effort into the content creation process before posting your updates. Remember, you don’t want to appear repetitive; otherwise, users may start to unfollow you. So, if you need to promote an article multiple times, try and find different ways of doing so.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest can be a challenging social media site to master. However, it can be one of the best places to post your content if you know how. One of the problems brands often have with the platform is that you need to share more content from others than yourself to be successful. However, putting in the work can be worth it when it comes to getting eyeballs on your latest blog post.

If you plan to use Pinterest in your content marketing strategy, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you want to put some effort into increasing your Pinterest profile with several carefully curated boards. Second, optimize for this social media site when writing your blog content. This means including images within it that can be pinned to Pinterest and a title that will engage your audience.


Getting content marketing right can be about more than simply having a decent website and company blog page. It’s also essential to think about how you will share your content, and that’s the aspect this article has looked at. So, remember that the three best social media platforms to promote your latest blog post on are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

James Kent
James Kent